There is currently no cure for Alzheimer’s disease. It is a progressive disease and research holds the key to finding a way to stop or prevent this heartbreaking illness.
Clinical trials (or research studies) are the only way to test investigational medications and potentially advance future treatment options for Alzheimer’s disease. We need your help; we need your support; we cannot do this without you. Your participation is key to finding a cure and prevention.
Most of our research studies allow our patients to remain on any currently prescribed memory medications. Clinical trials are carefully monitored and contribute valuable knowledge and advances in medical treatments for Alzheimer’s disease. All study related medical care, research medication, assessments, neurobehavioral and medical evaluations, physical exams and lab work are provided at no cost to those who qualify.
Participating in a clinical trial can give you access to investigational medication that is unavailable elsewhere. It also advances our understanding of this progressive disease and may bring an effective treatment to slow it down and ultimately prevent it.
Alzheimer's disease