Here are some important facts for you to know about Alzheimer’s disease:


  • It is estimated that 5.2 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease. There is no current cure for Alzheimer’s. Research is the hope for curing this devastating illness.
  • The number of people with Alzheimer’s disease is expected to triple by 2050.
  • Alzheimer’s is a fatal disease. It is currently the sixth-leading cause of death in the United States.
  • Significant memory loss is not a normal part of growing older or aging. It is often one of the first signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

Download a PDF of the Alzheimer’s Association’s report on Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures 2013. This report details the escalation of Alzheimer’s, which currently impacts over 5 million Americans. Facts and figures convey the burden of Alzheimer’s and dementia on individuals, families, local and state government, and the nation’s healthcare system.
It is estimated that up to half of people with Alzheimer’s disease are not diagnosed and do not know they have it. If you are worried about memory problems, contact us. Our doctors and clinicians are here to help answer your questions, talk to you about your research options and provide evaluation and support.

Read this “Alzheimers Disease Fact Sheet” provided by the National Institute on Aging for more information.





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