The first medication to treat the symptoms of Alzheimer’s was approved in 1996. To date all medications approved by the FDA have been approved to help treat the symptoms or slow down the progression of the disease. There is still no cure. However in the last 30 years, through clinical research trials for these approved medications and other research, we have made significant progress in understanding the underlying causes of the disease. As we learn more, researchers are better able to design programs that target the underlying disease. Many of these studies are focusing on prevention for those at risk of developing dementia secondary to Alzheimer’s disease even before symptoms occur.

Summit Research Network participates in research studies for “normal aging” for those who are at increased risk of developing dementia secondary to Alzheimer’s disease due to a combination of contributing factors such as age, family history, genetic markers and brain changes found in imaging results. If you are interested in learning more and possibly participating in a prevention trial, please call us or fill out the form on the right-hand side of this page and we will contact you.



Alzheimer's disease